The company ILS /International Logistic Systems/ — Russia's first logistics operator level 3PL, specializing in providing services in foreign trade. One of our key activities is import of alcohol products

ILS bills itself as the company of a new generation with the European level of management, principles of modern business, fully transparent financial schemes, and a high degree of customer orientation. We always strive to use in our business  all the boldest innovations in many ways defining the development trends of the market sector.

To date, ILS provides its clients a full range of services for conducting export-import operations (including working with suppliers, logistics, warehouse handling and customs clearance of goods, which carries its own customs broker), acting as a link between the producer and consumer. Cooperation with ILS enables our customers to fully or partially abandon its own foreign trade and logistic units, significantly reducing their time and financial costs.

Customs Broker

The structure of the ILS is its own customs broker - a company "Importprodukt." "Importprodukt" is included in the Register of Customs Brokers and carries out the customs clearance of goods without any group restrictions on the categories (according to FEASN), modes, regions or types of customs operations, as in the implementation of import, and export operations. In the company's staff includes more than 40 graduates who have extensive experience working with various categories of goods.

Customs broker "Importprodukt" offers its customers the widest range of services, including customs clearance services, assistance in the preparation of foreign trade contracts, advice on forming a package of documents required for customs clearance, development of optimal schemes of foreign trade, and many others.

Customs clearance

ILS provides customs clearance of all groups of excise (including alcoholic beverages, cosmetics, automotive oils, tobacco products, etc.) and not excise goods arriving by any means of transport (w / w, auto, aircraft, containers). Customs clearance is carried out in 14 customs offices (in Moscow, Moscow district, Bryansk and Smolensk). The broad geography of the ILS allows to reduce time and costs for transportation, as well as provide the necessary growth in output of our customers, even in high season.


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