Export of products

Export and the organization of all stages of this process is one of ILS activities. We offer services in export of all types of products: any alcoholic products (cognac, vodka, grape and fruit wines, etc.), the food, oil-containing products, perfumery and cosmetics, household chemicals and many other things.

Thanks to the adjusted logistic schemes and  big staff of highly skilled experts, our company can organize export of products to anywhere in the world, to promptly determine.

The structure of ILS includes our own customs broker, the Company “Importprodukt”  that allows to provide the shortest terms of clearance of the goods with observance of all procedures necessary for foreign economic activity.

Export of goods

By delivery of your goods to export we propose several options of work:

  1. We act directly on behalf of the customs broker.
  2. We represent ourselves as the consignor under the contract between you and your foreign contractor.
  3. Also we can carry out export of your goods, acting as the financial intermediary between your organization and the foreign contractor.

We choose the optimum scheme of cooperation for each client individually.

At customs registration of the goods for export we work with truck - and air transport, as well as with rail transport for the excisable goods.

The customs clearance of products takes from 3 to 24 hours, in case of appropriate registration of shipping documents. The list of necessary documentation is defined proceeding from specifics of your goods. For clearance of all groups of the goods it is necessary to present the following initial information:

- full name of the goods

-description of the goods

- technical characteristics

- authorization documents.

To consult on all questions connected with procedure of export of goods from the Russian Federation, please, address to our experts.