The company ILS carries out a full range of services of import organization on the territory of the Russian Federation from any country of the world of all types of goods, including excisable goods. We offer our customers both a full cycle of direct import and any stages of import.

Import of alcoholic products

One of the main field of work for ILS is direct import of excise goods. The company is specializing on services of alcoholic products import.

Direct import with the company ILS is an opportunity to buy goods directly from any foreign producer without any agents (the wholesale companies, distributors etc). Moreover ILS undertakes the organization of all stages of import (from the goods order to its delivery to customer’s warehouse).

What advantages of direct import?

Direct import of goods to Russia gives you a number of opportunities and advantages. If you charge the specialists  of ILS the arrangement of all (or partially) stages of direct import, it will allow you not to take care of products deliveries, but to completely concentrate on their promotion and business development.

Importing products directly to Russia you can:

- start buying products from any manufacturing plant from any country of the world at your choice. If you had not chosen the producer yet, you can charge specialists of ILS to find it for you. To some detail about assortment selection service, you can find according to the link.

- reduce your expenses and reduce product cost since you will buy goods at the price and directly from manufacturing plant, by-passing agents and distributors. Costs for ILS services for import are much lower than trade margins of the wholesale companies delivering goods to Russia for further sale.

- create the unique assortment: you won't be limited  to the offer of the wholesale companies, and you will be able to buy that is demanded in your market and that your competitors don't offer.

- create own trademark: you can order with manufacturing plant products with your own trade name, label design, bottle form and even a formula.

Technology of import

Direct import consists of several stages which each company delivering goods to Russia has to carry out:

- Assortment selection

- Conclusion of foreign trade activities Contract with manufacturing plant

- Obtaining necessary licenses and certificates

- Transaction passport opening

- Receiving excise stamps, bar-coding, Unified State Automated Information System

- Pasting of products with excise stamps

- Customs clearance (including calculation of customs payments)

- Arrangement of goods delivery

- Customs clearance ( including calculation of customs duties)


Are there in the staff of your company no specialists on import, logistics or customs clearance? Don’t your employees know foreign languages? It is not a reason to refuse direct work with foreign producers – ILS undertakes the arrangement of all (or partially by your request) these stages.

Our competitive advantages

Choosing the company-importer our numerous customers made the decision to work with ILS for the following reasons:

1 . We don't compete with our clients: ILS is not a trading company and has no own sales department of alcoholic products that’s why it isn't the competitor to its customer.

2.  We provide high quality services:

- Speed. Due to established patterns of work and staff of qualified professionals, we provide our services on tight schedule: certification of products - 15 working days,  receiving of  tax stamps - 15 working days, pasting of  label  - one truck  - 4 hours, customs clearance – 2 hours.

- Stability during  high season. We operate on multiple customs offices, as well as the fact that each stage  is done by a separate specialized department allows us to maintain delivery dates, even during peak periods.

- Ability to handle any volume. For ILS there is too small or too large shipments. We work with all volumes and quantities

- Transparency of finance settlement payments. ILS provides customers with detailed information on the cost s of all phases of the import and own services.

- Highly qualified specialists. All employees of ILS have years of experience in the specialty and constantly improve their knowledge by participating in professional seminars and workshops, both in Russia and abroad.

3.  We provide a wide range of services: ILS package is now one of the most complete on the market. We offer the following:

-  Assist in the selection of suppliers
-  Quality control and certification assistance
-  Efficiency in dealing with excise stamps
-  Optimization of transport logistics
-  Multistage warehouse logistics
-  Customs clearance

In addition to the above, we offer our customers a range of additional services, such as legal advice on foreign trade, financial consulting, work with claims from manufacturers, and more.

4.   We have individual approach to each client:

- Each company has applied to the ILS, our experts pick the best package of services, focusing primarily on their needs, budget and specific work.

- Each client has own  personal ILS Manager for quick answer to all of your questions.

The cost of our services

Cost of products imported by direct import for our customers will always be lower than purchased  in Russia from distributors and wholesalers, because the cost of services for the organization of import less trade margin of  distributors.
Cost of services is calculated individually for each client depending on the type and value of the product, geography and volume of each batch of goods. We are always ready  to prepare a detailed calculation showing all cost items on request.

To obtain the calculation, please refer to ILS managers.