International forwarding

ILS company is the only Russian logistics operator specializing in providing logistics services for import and export of alcoholic beverages.

We regularly affect deliveries of goods from all the major wine regions of the world. Established schemes of work allow us to offer the most favorable conditions for transportation.
• Automobile transportation (awning, isotherms, refrigerator) from countries such as France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Armenia, Ukraine, Moldova ...
• Railway transport: from Moldova, Hungary, Bulgaria ...
• sea (container) shipment from Chile, Argentina, Australia, USA, South Africa and other countries (in standard containers, standard containers with insulation, ref containers)
• air transport (term, small or very expensive shipments to customer) from any country.

Road transport

Services associated with the organization of road transport include:
• coordinating the loading of goods by the supplier;
• delivering the vehicle of the required type  to the place of loading;
• Daily reporting of vehicle movement;
• Opening and closing of the excise and export declarations;
• Organization of the customs convoy of the goods;
• Providing data on the conditions of transport (thermochrons) on request.

Railway transport

Services associated with the organization of rail transportation include:
• issuing of railway transport documents;
• Organization of  full range of handling station services;
• issuing railway telegrams;
• obtaining approvals for perishable goods;
• freight forwarding of customers goods;
• payment railway rate for the entire route of the cargo.

Marine Transport Operation

Services associated with the organization of see shipments include:
• assistance in obtaining the necessary documentation;
• delivery of the goods to the port of departure;
• sea freight;
• Control the movement of the goods;
• delivery of the goods from the port of destination to the final point of destination;
• return of  the empty container to the port.



Services associated with the organization of air freight include:
• Organization of  transportation using  scheduled and charter flights from all over the world;
• Delivery of any type of shipments (from 1 kg to several tons);
• Organization of "safe carriage" for  high value goods;
• receipt of the goods at the supplier's agent;
• delivery of cargo to the airport of departure;
• preparation of the necessary documentation (including air waybills)
• Carrying out customs formalities at the airport of departure;
• booking of capacity and organization of loading on board;
• customs clearance at the airport of destination;
• Delivery of the goods to the warehouse of the sender.


Multimodal (combined) transportation

One of the competitive advantages of ILS is the possibility of multimodal (mixed) transportation. Specialists from ILS logistics department not only undertake organizing
• process filling out  of shipping documents on the way of the cargo;
• Overloading  and conducting  of controlled transshipment at railway stations and ports
and developing  for our clients the best logistics solutions that allow the use of several modes to reduce their costs significantly.
Most effective way  is a combination of these types of transport as:
• road and rail transport;
• sea (container) and road transport;

Cargo Consolidation

ILS company provides services for the delivery of the goods from Europe to the stocks in the Baltic States (with a possible subsequent processing and delivery to Moscow)
• partial loads (small shipments, occupying part of the vehicle);
• consolidated goods (collection of small consignments from different manufacturers in one vehicle).

Transportation services for export needs

Transportation logistics services can be provided in conjunction with the services of the organization of imports, and separately - depending on the customer's wishes. Traditionally, the point of destination  for  our international cargos  is Moscow, but on request the cargo can be delivered to any city in Russia. 

International logistics for other goods

ILS shall work with all types of goods (including complex, oversized, etc.) and provides its customers with services for the organization of all kinds of transport: road, rail, sea and air (including railway - platform , containers, etc.), depending on the needs and wishes of the client.
Individual approach to each order, and opportunities to use different modes of transport and logistics allow ILS to provide the highest level of service.

Delivery of the goods  within  Moscow, Russia

In addition to the international transport ILS offers customers the delivery of goods within Moscow and all-Russia:
• Delivery from our temporary warehouse to the client's warehouse;
• Organization of transportation of goods as well as large and small vehicles;
• Assist in organization of customs services (customs escort of goods).

Cargo handling at terminals in the Baltic States

ILS company is ready to offer the service to its customers for cargo handling in customs and excise terminals in the Baltic.
- Acceptance of goods in the excise warehouse of excise goods by the European Declaration (European VAT providing the consignee);
- Acceptance of goods in a customs warehouse of goods from third countries (Shipping via container carriers of PORT – WAREHOUSE type);
- Artistic performance of layouts of stickers, making stickers
- Closure of the customs and tax returns (T1, EX-1, AAD, SAAD)
- The use of independent experts (surveyors) on the acceptance of special cargo (on request)
- Taping goods with  excise stamps, stickers
- Cross-docking
- Storage of goods in warm warehouses at reduced rates

Warehouse logistics

ILS also offers the following  services to its customers
• handling of the goods at temporary warehouses in Russia;
• creation and maintenance of DC (distribution centers) as well as  at the  commercial warehouses and the client’s warehouses.
Concerning all  matters related to logistics operations, please address the head of transport logistics Vladislav Isakov, e-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.